Rogue One’s Forest Whitaker Confirms Andor Season 2 Return

Fans of the surprisingly high-quality Star Wars series Andor on Disney Plus now have another familiar face to look forward to when the show returns for its second season. In a series built upon familiar faces, it shouldn’t be this exciting to hear of Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera. Yet, somehow, this character inspires discussions (and a little chaos) with each appearance.

Andor season 2 is already well into filming, so any new information for fans was likely already set in motion. With a pretty distinct plan in motion from the beginning, showrunner Tony Gilroy and his team already know how the series will go and have known for some time. This is helped by Andor serving as a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story focused on Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor and his radicalization into becoming a hero of the Rebellion. Because of that, the show has a definitive end point and plenty of well-established characters to pick from. One has already appeared in season 1, and now he’s returning at least one more time.


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During a recent interview with on his upcoming film Big George Foreman, Forest Whitaker offered a short but concise confirmation that he will return as Rebel radical Saw Gerrera in Andor season 2. When asked if it would be safe to say that Saw would appear in season 2, Whittaker simply answered, “Oh yeah, it’s safe to say that.” This is great news for those who have enjoyed his character through his many appearances in live-action and animation. But what will this one entail?

Saw Gerrera in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Considering Andor season 2 will span a much longer timeframe than the first season, there are plenty of possibilities for where Saw will appear in the timeline. During his appearance in The Clone Wars animated series, he started as a freedom fighter on his homeworld of Onderon before the tragic loss of his sister helped radicalize him into a full-on destructive force. Subsequent stories saw him in many situations where he was more focused on causing destruction to the Empire at the moment rather than thinking about long-term implications.

This impulsiveness indirectly led to the first major character death on The Bad Batch when Saw appeared and mucked up a rescue operation with his chaotic attempt to take down some Imperial higher-ups. This disregard for collateral damage is Saw’s M.O.; it tends to spell trouble whenever he’s on screen. Interestingly enough, that same episode also featured Director Orson Krennic, who would go on to be one of the main antagonists of Rogue One. This offers yet another connection to the film. Andor isn’t the only series trying to set things up retroactively.

Along with other tidbits, including suggestions that part of Andor season 2 will take place on Yavin, it’s clear that there’s a lot of framework building up to make the transition into Rogue One as smooth as possible. Of course, “smooth” is the last word anyone would use to describe Saw Gerrera. So it looks like things are about to get plenty more turbulent.

Andor season 2 currently aims to release in August 2024 on Disney Plus.

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