Satisfying Elden Ring Clip Shows Player Defeating Cheater

One Elden Ring player has shared a satisfying video of them defeating a cheating opponent in the game’s PvP mode. Elden Ring has been out for several months and is still among the best-selling games in many countries. It is one of the year’s most critically acclaimed titles, and people expect it to challenge God of War Ragnarok for the Game of the Year title. Elden Ring has many praiseworthy features like its narrative, exploration, game design, and multiplayer mode.


Gamers can choose from three multiplayer modes in Elden Ring, but the most popular is PvP, where they can test their combat skills against fellow players. Building a character in Elden Ring and battling other builds is one of its main selling points. Naturally, most Elden Ring PvP fights are exciting and random, as mage players often find themselves going against melee, bleed, or another mage build. Unfortunately, some Elden Ring gamers use questionable methods in these PvP fights, as one Reddit user found out.

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Reddit user SmairAI uploaded a video that shows their encounter with a cheating Elden Ring player. SmairAI invaded another player’s world and engaged in a duel to see who was the better fighter. Suddenly, the Host of Fingers becomes too aggressive and pounds the user with successive magic attacks, including the devastating Rancorcall sorcery in Elden Ring. This attack can be considered overpowered as it chases the target and deals heavy damage while having minimal stats requirements. The video shows the opponent possibly using some suspicious technique to attack the original poster, as they performed multiple magic assaults simultaneously, with the sorcery mentioned earlier.

Understandably, SmairAI retreats to a defensive position behind a wall to avoid the oncoming barrage of attacks from the host. The host follows them into the building that also has a lift inside, still casting spells at an unimaginable rate. Suddenly, the player goes on the offensive and lands a couple of hits on the opponent when they use the Bloodhound’s Step skill in Elden Ring. However, this put them dangerously close to the lift’s shaft. The original poster ran towards them, but they both accidentally fell into the shaft, dying instantly.

SmairAI’s video shows how Elden Ring players can often use cheats to get the upper hand in a battle. Still, some cheating gamers, like the one seen above, fail to win a PvP fight, thanks to the awareness of players like SmairAI.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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