Skyrim Fans Spend Over a Hundred Hours to Create Amazing Replica of Aela’s Outfit

Two Skyrim gamers have recently devised a very realistic handcrafted armor that looks just like the one Aela uses in the game, and it took them over a hundred hours to do it. Skyrim’s community has been known for its modding scene for a long time, but there are a few crafty players, such as this one, who are able to create amazing real-life content about the game, too.

Aela is one of the most memorable Skyrim characters. Ever since the game’s debut back in 2011, she and Lydia often appeared among the most noteworthy followers in the game due to how often players pick them. Aela is a member of the Companions, the Fighter’s Guild in Skyrim. She specializes in archery, can use both light and heavy armor, and has a detailed story.


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Recently, a couple of Skyrim fans and cosplayers recreated Aela’s standard outfit with impressive accuracy. Pieceofcake_cos, which is a profile run by a married couple who specialize in creating cosplay pieces, spent over a hundred hours creating a real-life-sized armor that emulates Aela’s down to the last details. It’s made with a material that resembles the curated leather in the game, and it has iron shoulder patches, belts, as well as every other feature of her armor. Overall, it’s one of the most noteworthy realistic-looking Skyrim armors around.

This is not the first time that someone has made an armor inspired by Aela’s design. Some time ago, a cosplayer recreated Aela’s look with impressive authenticity.

Aela continues to be a popular character even after years of Skyrim’s original launch. Proof of that when a Skyrim player recently made a terrible discovery when playing with her as a companion. They thought that all companions were invincible, and treated Aela as such. However, after her story quests are over, she becomes killable, and ended up being downed with an arrow from the player, who was trying a roleplay-heavy playthrough, and decided to keep her dead instead of reloading the save to maintain the roleplay.

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