Skyrim Mod Overhauls Every Single Road, Making Them More Diverse

A Skyrim modder has done a complete overhaul of all the roads that run through this particular slice of Tamriel, giving the vanilla paths a much more diverse look. Seeing as no one really knows when The Elder Scrolls 6 will launch, fans are continuing to put emphasis on improving Bethesda’s 2011 RPG. Eleven years is a long time to mod a game, and over the past decade or so, there have been some magnificent changes that have come about thanks to the dedicated modding community.


Of course, that’s not to say that Skyrim isn’t impressive by itself. Given the immense lore of The Elder Scrolls series, not to mention the often awe-inspiring visuals that come with each entry, the base experience alone is often more than enough for some players. However, the games are by no means perfect, and certainly they’ve aged as time has gone on. As such, many have taken to keeping them in tip-top condition by adding custom content, removing bugs, getting silly with the formula, or just making significant improvements to the overall visuals.

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As spotted by PCGamesN, modder JPSteel2 has gone for the latter with “Northern Roads.” This mod for Skyrim adds a lot more diversity to the routes that players and NPCs take when out and about. This includes the major roads, dirt paths, and bridges. It also comes with additional assets, such as wooden totems and runestones. According to the description, the mod puts emphasis on Nordic culture, hence the word “Northern” in the title, with the modder changing up the vanilla visuals with new landscape textures, models, buildings, and some clutter to “decorate the roads.”

This is just one of countless ways that fans are tinkering with the game to either improve the experience or add something unique. JPSteel2 is also no stranger to the modding community, as they’ve also done a mod for Skyrim that improves the look of the bears. While graphics may not be the most important thing in gaming, they certainly help with immersion, and as the game gets older, it’s only going to look more primitive as the industry moves forward.

With the Skyrim Anniversary Edition recently coming out on Switch, Bethesda is not stopping in its quest to continue re-releasing the game over and over. It’s already one of the most successful RPGs ever made and many fans would agree that, even though there is a lot of replay value, it’s time to move on to new pastures.

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: PCGamesN, Nexus Mods

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