Some Pokemon Fans Can’t Use Poke Transporter

Poke Transporter, the application that makes it so fans can transfer pocket monsters from Generation 5 and below to Pokemon Bank, isn’t working properly after the Nintendo 3DS eShop shut down. This application was crucial to moving Pokemon from games such as the virtual console releases and older titles to Generation 6, and it was a perk of being subscribed to Pokemon Bank. Both applications can no longer be downloaded following the eShop’s closure.

The way that Poke Transporter worked was that it would register either the virtual console games on the 3DS’ memory, or the Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, or White 2 games in the DS slot. From there, fans could pick a PC box of their favorite critters, and move them into Pokemon Bank. Black and White also had backwards compatibility with Diamond and Pearl, making it so if fans were diligent enough to transfer across several games, they’d still be able to take their Pokemon all the way from the original Red, Blue, and Yellow versions to Bank, and even to Pokemon Home.


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Now, without Poke Transporter, the long legacy of the series’ transferable options has almost been cut in half. After the 3DS eShop shut down, many fans were greeted with a message saying that they couldn’t access Transporter without a pass to Pokemon Bank, which is now unavailable for purchase as Bank is now free.

Fans shared the messages on social media, and a mix of other fans who could use Transporter just fine came in and expressed confusion. It seems that those who had an active Bank subscription, or purchased one before the eShop shuttered, can still use the app.

It’s a strange situation as it seems like while Bank is now free to use, Poke Transporter might not be given the same treatment. Some fans are already mourning the loss of complete Pokedexes that they thought they had more time to transfer from Black or White to Pokemon Home, as the official press release about Pokemon Bank becoming free neglects to mention Poke Transporter.

While sudden, there is a chance that there may be some technical problems on Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter’s servers, leading to the issues. Fans should wait for official statements before giving up on the application. Game Freak may want to issue a statement sooner than later, however, as 38 Pokemon currently can’t be caught in the Switch titles, making some of them unobtainable without Poke Transporter.

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