Sonic Origins Update Could Add More Games And A Playable Amy

An update for Sonic Origins could add even more classic games to the retro collection, as well as let players control the fan-favorite heroine Amy Rose. Last summer, Sega released Sonic Origins, a remastered compilation of Sonic’s first four side-scrolling adventures with added bonuses like animated cutscenes that connect the games’ plots and a host of unlockable extras.

However, while some old-school Sonic fans relished the chance to play through the Blue Blur’s Genesis-era escapades in modern HD resolution, Sonic Origins wasn’t without its controversies. In addition to reworking Sonic 3’s beloved soundtrack due to legal issues, Sonic Origins initially contained multiple bugs and glitches, to the point where even the game’s developers expressed disappointment with its state at launch. Sonic Origins’ DLC model also drew the ire of players, with a confusing assortment of relatively minor add-ons that many felt weren’t worth paying additional money for. Lastly, many felt there just wasn’t enough content to justify Sonic Origins’ release when it first launched.


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In a now-deleted report from (via NintendoLife), Sega will supposedly release Sonic Origins Plus, an expansion to the main game that was rated in Korea last month. According to this report, Sonic Origins Plus will launch on June 23 as a digital add-on and a standalone physical release. This new content will add 12 emulated Game Gear spin-offs to the game’s Museum menu and let players control Classic Amy – who remained non-playable in the base Sonic Origins. A playable Knuckles will also be added to Sonic CD, and the physical release of Sonic Origins Plus will include a 20-page artbook and a reversible cover with never-before-see artwork.

Sonic’s assortment of spin-offs for the hand-held Sega Game Gear are quite rare save for the odd re-release, so being able to play all of them in one collection is certainly appealing for the hardcore Sonic faithful. Additionally, the classic version of Amy Rose was never playable in her debut appearance in Sonic CD, and the lack of an option to play through the Sonic Origins version as her struck many players as odd considering the collection’s goal of updating the old games with new features.

Finally, the rumored June 23 release date for Sonic Origins Plus carries a great deal of significance, as this is Sonic’s fictional birthday and the anniversary of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game’s release. It looks like fans could be getting a big birthday gift in the form of Sonic Origins Plus, which will give players the chance to run through some of the famous Hedgehog’s lesser-known adventures and smash their way through the main four entries as his strong-willed love interest.

Sonic Origins is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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