Sons of the Forest Players Won’t Accidentally Eat Human Flesh Now

It’s possible to eat human flesh in Sons of the Forest, with players finding it easy to do by accident, but a new hotfix should sort that out.

Cannibalism is a strong theme in Sons of the Forest that players have been finding themselves accidentally engaging in, but a recent update has now fixed this. It’s safe to say that horror gaming is thriving at the moment. With remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 2 on the way, not to mention brand-new releases for Outlast and Layers of Fear, the genre is at the height of its game.

Endnight’s recent forest-themed survival title is just one example of many titles fans have been looking forward to. Although it is a horror game, it’s Sons of the Forest‘s AI assistant Kelvin who’s responsible for much of the release’s current popularity. He may be a bit bumbling at times, but fans have absolutely fallen in love with him. Of course, the game is in early access so it’s still a work in progress, and there is one faux pas that players have been experiencing which seems to have been fixed now.


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According to a recent hotfix, as spotted by PC Gamer, Sons of the Forest players will no longer accidentally consume human flesh. The patch notes say the update has tweaked a number of hotkeys. Most notably, there’s been a fix so that arms and legs won’t be eaten when hotkeyed. Instead, they’ll now be equipped. Up until this point, the player would find that the item would be devoured when they tried to equip a severed limb as a weapon. For some players, this could be conceived as a power move, but for others, it’s an inconvenience to accidentally eat something that was meant to be equipped, so this small update should have sorted that out.

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While the game does have cannibalistic tribes acting as the main enemies, Sons of the Forest has some creepy mutants as well. Evading and fighting vicious foes that want to eat the player is intense enough, but the sight of the crawling Twins, mutant babies, or the slug-like creature known as John 2.0 just adds to the horror. Even having Kelvin in tow won’t stop a lot of players from feeling creeped out.

As the game has only just come out, many may want to look up some tips on starting out in Sons of the Forest. Like a lot of survival games, SotF can be quite unforgiving. Just making it through the night with enough food, water, and shelter is stressful enough without the added threat of cannibals and a many-fingered mutant.

Sons of the Forest is out now in early access for PC.

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