Stardew Valley Video Shows the Evolution of Penny’s Design in the Game

A fan of ConcernedApe’s indie game Stardew Valley has recently shared the evolution of Penny’s looks throughout the development of the farming sim title. Being one of the marriage candidates in Stardew Valley, fans are likely interested to see the developer’s process of choosing the character’s physical appearance before they decided on the final one when the game was launched.

When Stardew Valley was first launched in 2016, the gaming community seemed to have heavily fallen in love with the title, especially since it seemed like an upgraded, more immersive spiritual successor to the Harvest Moon series. The developer constantly worked over the years after release to continue bringing new Stardew Valley updates and content to keep up its relevance and replayability. So it is not surprising for fans to be fixated with their favorite Pelican Town residents and also show interest in how they were developed before launch.


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On TikTok, user stardewtok, who is also a content creator on Twitch named RCJuk, shared a video that showcased the Stardew Valley character Penny’s evolution during the game’s development. In the video, almost ten different looks are shared featuring the character but most of them retained her iconic red hair and green eyes. The video also pointed out Penny’s changes over time, particularly her hairstyle, makeup, and her clothing. In the end, the developer chose to have the character wear a low side bun, yellow collared shirt, and minimal makeup as the final look.

Replies on TikTok showed the fans’ sentiments over how Penny’s looks have evolved during the development process. Some shared that they actually prefer some of the looks before the game’s release. Others just stated that Penny is one of their favorite Stardew Valley characters, especially since she has one of the more complex backstories in the video game. Overall, the TikTok video seemed well-received by the player base, and it seems that many fans are clamoring for more of the same type of content from stardewtok.

The content creator is not looking to disappoint the Stardew Valley fan base, especially since they already have some evolution videos up on their channel featuring other characters in the game like Abigail, Alex, Elliot, and Haley. Given that there are other personalities in Pelican Town aside from the marriage candidates, stardewtok still has a lot more to go through. Hopefully they also continue to share their videos with the rest of the Stardew Valley community.

Stardew Valley is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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