Steam Update Add More Evidence of Counter-Strike 2 Development

Thanks to the investigative prowess of a data excavating super sleuth, there appears to be more evidence of a sequel to the Valve classic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With Counter-Strike players continuing to break records, the popular first-person shooter may be on its way to exploring a new chapter.

Since being released over ten years ago in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive still remains one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooters. However, despite its constantly increasing popularity, there have been rumors swirling around Counter-Strike for a while now regarding whether there would be a sequel or not. With the title’s current age, some players may be ready for a fresh update to the game, whether its through an engine upgrade or a new sequel altogether. Thankfully, players who are eager to get news on Counter-Strike updates may have an answer thanks to a data excavator.


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Known by the alias Aquarius, the data excavator found a possible clue in the Steam backend that could be hinting towards the rumored sequel. While searching through the Steam database, Aquarius noticed an executable named “cs2.exe”. This could either be deciphered as meaning Counter-Strike 2 or possibly a Source 2 engine upgrade for Counter-Strike which has also been the subject of rumor and anticipation for some time.

Although this appears to be some seriously solid evidence pointing towards some sort of change for the first-person shooter, Valve has yet to make any official confirmation or denial regarding a sequel or engine upgrade. Even though Counter-Strike has changed a lot through the past eleven years, a sequel or an upgrade to the engine would be a welcome change from the players who are awaiting some freshness in the game. The game’s staying power speaks volumes on the work that Valve has done, and it would be incredibly exciting to see how the developer and publisher chose to improve the game even further.

These two possibilities have been rumors in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community for a while, and Valve is sometimes known for unexpected surprises and releases, so only time will tell if these rumors hold any substantial weight. Although some may be driven to be skeptical about this new piece of evidence, the new discovery from Aquarius seems pretty convincing that at least something is on the horizon for the game, even if it may not be one-hundred percent clear yet. Until then, Counter-Strike fans will be eagerly awaiting the next piece to the puzzle.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is available for PC and legacy platforms.

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