Tanya Is In Trouble With Quentin

Fellow vacationers, we hate to say it, but Season Two of The White Lotus is almost done. Over in Sicily, though, tensions are running high. Like… uncomfortably high. In the latest episode of the HBO drama, Tanya and Portia are whisked away on a day trip with Quentin and Jack, (seemingly!) a charming uncle and his nephew. It’s all fun and games at first. The women go to the opera, booze in Palermo, and eat gelato with their partners—but as it turns out, their new friends might not be as innocent as they seem.

Before we dive in, let’s backtrack a bit. Like Tanya and Portia, we don’t know much about these men or their intentions. When they first meet, Quentin is traveling with a group of friends. He runs into Tanya at The White Lotus Resort and invites her and Portia to hang out on his yacht. He and Tanya hit it off, while Portia and Jack flirt in front of poor Albie—and before we know it? Both women are transfixed by their new mates.

Now, don’t get me wrong, making friends on vacation isn’t strange, exactly. People do that all the time! But uprooting your plans to spend time with people you hardly know?! Risky. Tanya and Portia can both be a bit reckless, of course, but what’s in it for Quentin and Jack? Was this just a chance encounter that sparked a genuine friendship, or did they target the women for a specific reason?

Reddit user Senior_Beau has an idea. While watching the episode, they spotted a potential clue about Quentin’s past. Check it out:

After the opera Quentin (Tom Hollander) and Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) have a sprawling conversation about love. Quentin reminisces about the only person he’s ever loved, a cowboy. While doing so he’s smoking a pack of Marlboro Reds, famously nicknamed “cowboy killers.”

From there, the fan suspects that Quentin is a murderer. Or, at least, someone who’s capable of murder:

Maybe it’s a red herring but it does seem possible that he could’ve murdered the Wyoming cowboy he fell for. Or, he himself could be working alongside a killer cowboy. He ends the scene tossing the pack to Tanya, who is dressed in a funeral-like black dress.

Though this theory is pretty juicy, it seems a bit off to me. If Quentin did kill his lover, why would he tell Tanya, a woman he hardly knows? She has no skin in the game, no real reason to help him, and could easily report him to the police. The thing about The White Lotus is that every character wants something—and I find it hard to believe Quentin just wants a clear conscience.

However, I, like a few other fans, believe his story had a purpose. As another Reddit user pointed out—the cowboy that Quentin’s referring to could be Tanya’s husband, Greg. Maybe that’s why Greg was acting so strange. It could also explain why Quentin befriend Tanya in the first place. Maybe he wants her out of the picture once and for all.

Check out what other fans think about Quentin and his mysterious cowboy here.

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