The Best ‘The White Lotus’ Fan Theories

Folks, we’re only three episodes into The White Lotus Season Two, and things have already surpassed weird. In last night’s episode of the HBO series, Daphne and Harper ditch their husbands, Cameron and Ethan, for a day-trip in Noto, Sicily. It seems like an innocent idea, until the girls reach their destination and Daphne admits that she pre-booked a hotel for the night. Apparently their spontaneous adventure was not as off-the-cuff as it seemed. But why would Daphne go through such great lengths to get away from her spouse?

At a first glance, the answer seems to be marital troubles. While the women enjoy their evening, Cameron and Ethan have a wild night of their own. Harper senses trouble when Ethan ignores her calls, and is pretty concerned when she learns Cameron has cheated on Daphne before. Though Daphne refuses to admit that she’s upset about her husband’s previous infidelity, it makes sense for her to want a night away. But is that really why they left? Did Daphne need time to decompress, or is a more sinister plan in the works?

Well, Reddit user Catastrophiccyanide has an interesting theory. They believe Daphne and Cameron are flat-out broke and want a piece of Ethan’s new tech money. The couple claims to be exuberantly rich, but this fan thinks they’re less wealthy than they seem. Check it out:

We saw how Cameron was trying to convince Ethan to invest for him, not to mention that in the promo for 2×04, he gives the girls money and says that’s all he has for now and that he’ll get the rest eventually.

From there, the fan suspects that Daphne and Cameron separated the group on purpose in order to stir the pot—and con their friends out of some serious cash.

“I think the four of them separating was a deliberate plan, hell I think this entire trip was. I’m sticking to the idea that these two are scammers.”

Now this is an idea I can get behind. In the first episode, Harper suspects that Cameron invited them to Italy to butter them up for a business deal. Ethan initially refutes the idea, but he later admits she was right after Cameron asks him to invest in a project. Meanwhile, Cameron constantly complains about Daphne’s spending. After Daphne tells Harper about her husband’s infidelity, she admits to buying herself expensive gifts to cope with it.

If they really are running low on cash, it makes sense for Cameron to need Ethan’s investment. But there’s no way Ethan would agree to any business deal without his wife’s support. They might not be the most romantic couple, but they are a team. Maybe Daphne isolated Harper so that Cameron could lure Ethan into his trap. After all, she did compare Cameron’s business associates to Bernie Madoff.

As many more fans pointed out, a financial scam could be in the works. Parse through their theories about about what Cameron and Daphne might be up to.

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