‘The Diplomat’ Ending Explained: What Happened?

I often wonder why society is so obsessed with fabricated reality television, when America is full of entertaining characters to dissect. Just look at Congress. Behind all the buttoned-up suits and political jargon, there are decades worth of drama to unpack. Imagine what’d it’d be like to tune into the juicy lives of world leaders with the click of a button.

Thankfully, Netflix has heard my plea (sort of), giving us a Selling Sunset-style show about the (very fictional!) Senate. Last week, the streamer debuted The Diplomat, which is equal part political thriller and romantic drama—with twists and turns you can’t turn away from. It’s probably why the Keri Russell-starring series has already amassed quite the fanbase. In its first few days on the streamer, the series reportedly garnered 57.5 million hours of views, scoring the number-one spot on Netflix’s list of Top 10 Shows in the U.S.

The Diplomat follows Kate Wyler (Keri Russell), a U.S ambassador hired to assist the United Kingdom after they’re bombed by a mysterious enemy. While settling into her new job, Kate’s marriage falls apart and she finds herself in entangled in a messy romance with a coworker. Meanwhile, her husband, Hal—a former political big-wig—struggles to take a backseat to her career while pursuing his own romantic interests. But where does the explosive (literally) season finale leave our heroes?

Well, over the course of The Diplomat‘s eight episodes, we see what happens when personal and professional lives collide. The emotional pressure cooker turns into an actual explosion, when Hal is caught in the crosshairs of a car bomb. The shocking final moments were the result of a season-long feud between Russia and the U.K. Now, Kate believes that Russia was behind the attack on the U.K. With the Prime Minister’s advice, she and her colleagues decide to assassinate a Russian soldier by bugging his vehicle. But their plans are foiled when Hal, Stuart (a U.S ambassador), and his assistant, Ronnie, are all caught in the blast instead. And to make matters worse, they discover the Prime Minister orchestrated the original attack for his own nefarious reasons.

The shocking finale leaves many questions unanswered. First, did anyone survive the blaze? Well, The Diplomat certainly leaves it up to interpretation. Grove most definitely will not return for more action. But what about Hal and Hayward? When Dennison learns of the incident, we see Kate start to cry—which certainly doesn’t feel like a great sign to us. Second, what implications will this have on Kate’s life? At the very least, we may see a grieving Kate in the next season. And last, but certainly not least, is a war between Russia and The U.K still a threat? Is The Diplomat‘s endgame simply World War III?!

Well, Netflix has not announced if The Diplomat was renewed for a second season, but with stakes this high, it feels inevitable.

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