‘The Evil Dead’ Movies, Ranked From Worst to Best

Now that we’ve established that timelines, rules, and continuity hold no weight in the Evil Dead world, we can fully embrace this fifth installment, Evil Dead Rise, from director Lee Cronin. This film might be the bloodiest one yet, which is a serious amount of blood—almost 1,700 gallons of it, according to Cronin.

In Evil Dead Rise, we meet a family of five, featuring a single mother and a drifter aunt who comes to stay. The typical isolated cabin is swapped out for a crumbling Los Angeles apartment building… but it turns out to be just as haunted and inescapable. The Book of the Dead returns and unleashes unimaginable horror—and, oh yeah, tons of blood on the unsuspecting family. Will the kids and their aunt survive their possessed mother, who is hellbent on desecrating their souls? With all these fun scares and plenty of gory kills, it hardly even matters.

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