‘The White Lotus’ Fan Theory Says Tanya is the Killer

On October 30th, HBO invited us back to The White Lotus–a luxurious resort full of rich, zany guests. In Season Two, a new set of vacationers arrive to the property, along with Greg (Jon Gries) and Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge), a couple we met in Season One. Apparently, they’re married now, but something seems… off. They’re supposed to be on a romantic getaway, but Greg is visibly agitated in just about every scene. In fact, it seems like he can’t stand being around his new wife. He refutes her romantic gestures, picks fights, rolls his eyes at her requests, and makes strange phone calls when he thinks she’s not listening.

So. what gives? Is it just newlywed jitters, or something else? Well, in one scene, Tanya overhears Greg say, “I love you,” to someone on the phone, which makes her and wonder if he’s cheating. She and her husband don’t seem to get along, or agree on much, so it wouldn’t be totally out of the question! Maybe she’s right and Greg’s planning to leave her.

Though some may think that he’s having an affair, Reddit user MintChiffon has a different theory. From their perspective, Greg’s shady behavior is an attempt to hide some sort of medical emergency. Check it out:

Piggybacking off other comments I’ve seen here, let’s say that the conversation Greg was having wasn’t with a lover, and it was a family member. What if Greg’s illness came back but he doesn’t want to ruin Tanya’s vacation. He’s very worried, which explains that scene where he’s sitting up in bed with a worried / pensive look on his face while Tanya’s sleeping. So on the phone, he’s telling his loved one that “she’s clueless,” meaning she doesn’t know his illness has returned. And he’s going home to see a doctor or get a treatment and he’s just telling his loved one that, and he ends the convo with, “I love you.”

From there, MintChiffon explains that Greg and Tanya’s miscommunication is the perfect setup for a murder. Season Two’s timeline works backwards, beginning with Daphne Sullivan (Meghann Fahy) discovering a dead body in the ocean. We likely won’t see who the killer is is until the season finale, but could it be Tanya? MintChiffon seems to think so.

So then, Tanya thinks he’s cheating, and her rage grows throughout the course of the season as she picks up on more “clues” which are really just misdirections on Mike White’s part, to trick us all into thinking Greg is cheating. What if this culminates in Tanya going so out of her mind in a jealous rage that she pushes Greg off a cliff, only to find out after the fact that he was never cheating at all.

Though I love the drama, this theory doesn’t hit the mark for me. If Greg were sick, I think the series would hint at that a bit more. Aside from his disdain for Tanya, he appears to be completely fine. If anything, I agree with the other commenters on the thread who think Greg is scamming Tanya out of money. Remember how quickly he latched onto her in Season One after he realized how rich she is It seems awfully suspicious.

Read everyone’s theories on what Greg could be up to (and why!) here.

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