Unsettling Minecraft Bug Turns The Sun Into a Giant Squid

An unusual bug found in Minecraft replaces the in-game sun with what looks like a giant squid in an unsettling new screenshot shared by one player.

One Minecraft player came across a decidedly unsettling occurrence in Mojang Studios’ blocky building game and shared the evidence for all to see, capturing an image of the in-game sun seemingly being replaced by a giant squid. The hit game is set to receive a major update later this year when the Minecraft 1.20 update is released, bringing with it a new biome to explore and fresh mobs to encounter.

Minecraft has gone through some drastic changes in the nearly 15 years since it was originally released on PC, transforming from an obscure indie title into the best-selling game of all time and spawning numerous spin-offs. Now available on PCs, consoles, and many mobile devices, the game saw its reach vastly expanded after Mojang Studios was acquired by Microsoft in 2014, bringing the property under the umbrella of one of the biggest companies in gaming. Over the years players have found all manner of sometimes strange bugs in Minecraft, but seeing the game switch out the sun for a cephalopod might be one of the most unusual ones yet.


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In a new post on r/Minecraft, Reddit user avigail2105 shared a screenshot of an unsettling bug they encountered when signing in to Minecraft recently. The strange screenshot shows a Minecraft character looking upwards toward the sky only to find the game’s usual in-game sun replaced with what appears to be the textures for one of Minecraft’s squid mobs. Taken aback by the unusual glitch, avigail2105 turned to Reddit for assistance with resetting the sun to its normal appearance so that they’d no longer have to build under the creepily watchful eyes of an airborne squid.

Screenshot of a Minecraft bug that replaces the sun texture with a squid texture

Some Redditors responding to the post found the strange bug to be more amusing than unsettling, with one response jokingly stating that “You don’t need to fix this. Squids are cool.” Wondering if the unusual switcheroo went both ways, another comment inquired if the ocean in avigail2105’s game was now filled with swimming suns. Multiple comments seized on the similarity between the aerial squid and author H.P. Lovecraft’s tentacled, mind-melting monstrosity, Cthulhu, with one Redditor quipping “Oh that’s just an eldritch horror from the depths of space.” Luckily for avigail2105, several helpful comments pointed out that Minecraft’s texture files sometimes get corrupted and directed them to restart the game, which seemed to sort out the issue.

While it may not be as frightening as being stalked by Creepers and Enderman while exploring the depths of one of Minecraft’s many subterranean caverns, it’s fair to assume most players would be at least slightly unnerved at the sight of a sky-high squid in their game. It could always be worse, though; at least avigail2105 didn’t look skyward and find a creepy Eye of Ender staring back at them.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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