Watch Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ Super Bowl Commercial Bloopers

It looks like Ben Affleck can officially add Dunkin’ Donuts Employee to his resume, right above Batman and just below Exhausted Meme. The actor—and known lover of ice coffee—paid a visit to the Dunkin’ in his hometown and spent a day working behind the counter. The man, of course, brought a camera crew along for the ride and captured some hilarious footage of himself surprising customers for a Super Bowl commercial.

In the clip, you can spot Affleck taking orders from various patrons, right down to that of real-life wife Jennifer Lopez. During the skit Lopez drives up to the window and says, “Is this what you do when you say you’re going to work all day?” The commercial continues from there, but most of the footage was cut out. Thankfully, we now have the outtakes to revisit and laugh along to. See the mayhem for yourself below.

But seriously: can we all agree it’s time for Affleck to apply for a full-time position? Dunkin’ is clearly his favorite place. Have you ever seen him so happy? The Grammys couldn’t even bring him such joy. With each customer who drove through, Affleck’s Boston accent grew thicker, while his antics grew more ridiculous. He posed for photos, joked about being “out of coffee,” and fumbled his way through delivering customers a hot cup of joe. It was silly—and frankly, nice to see Affleck goof around.

In an interview with People, Affleck explained his reason for filming the commercial. “I think people already sort of think that I work for Dunkin,” he said. Well, Ben, if they didn’t before, they surely do now.

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Dunkin’ ‘Drive-Thru’ Outtakes Starring Ben

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