Weird Red Dead Online Bug Causes Player to Hogtie Themselves

The Red Dead Online community has recently discovered a bizarre and frustrating glitch that leaves players hogtied instead of their intended targets. The open-world Western action-adventure title developed by Rockstar Games has attracted a dedicated following due to its immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and engaging storylines. However, as with any game, bugs and glitches can occasionally surface in Red Dead Online and cause unexpected consequences for players.


Since its inception, Red Dead Online has faced numerous bugs and issues, including aim preferences not working on PC, animals not spawning, collector maps providing incorrect locations, and infinite load screens. While these bugs are undoubtedly frustrating, it is also a reminder of the complex nature of online games and the challenges developers face in creating seamless, immersive worlds for players to explore.

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In this particular case, Reddit user RobsonTigerPl shared a video demonstrating the odd occurrence, which seems to defy the game’s logic and has left the player community scratching their heads. According to the video, the bug manifests when players attempt to hogtie their opponents in Red Dead Online using a lasso. Hogtying is incredibly useful in Red Dead Online, allowing gamers to capture NPCs or other players.

Surprisingly, the animation shows the Red Dead Online player successfully hogtying their target, but the tables turn unexpectedly when the animation completes. The gamer who initiated the hogtie finds themselves hogtied instead, while their intended target remains free to run away. The user unties themselves in a few seconds and chases down the escaping target to perform a tackle hogtie. However, the phenomenon repeats itself, and RobsonTigerPl’s character is hogtied again while the opponent escapes.

Understandably, this peculiar Red Dead Online glitch has left the original poster, RobsonTigerPl, frustrated and confused. They explained that the issue happens every time they try to hogtie someone, which effectively renders the hogtie mechanic useless for them. The implications of this bug could be significant, as it prevents players from using one of Red Dead Online’s core mechanics to capture opponents or complete specific objectives that require hogtying.

As the video gained traction among the Red Dead Online community, other players chimed in with their thoughts and experiences regarding the bug. Some users suggested potential solutions or workarounds, while others expressed sympathy for the original poster and shared their stories of encountering similar issues within the game. It is unclear what causes this unusual glitch and whether it is an isolated incident or a more widespread problem among the Red Dead Online player base. Nevertheless, the issue highlights the importance of continuous development, maintenance, and bug-fixing in online games to ensure players enjoy a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

Red Dead Online is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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