When Does the Next Episode Drop?

Tensions are rising amongst the Yellowjackets crew. In last week’s episode, we watched the once-innocent teenagers transform into the thing we all expected they were—and this week, we’ll see how that decision alters their lives. The next episode, “Digestif,” premieres this Friday, April 7 on the Showtime app, but anyone with cable can watch it live on Sunday, April 9. Until then, here’s a quick refresher on the show.

The popular Showtime series follows a high school soccer team, whose plans are upended when they crash into the wilderness on their way to a competition. With no hope of escaping, the players morph from innocent kids into desperate opponents who will do anything to survive. The mysterious show flips between their time in the woods and their lives as adults, as they struggle to come to terms with their actions.

Season One took the world by storm when it premiered in November of 2021. Now, everyone’s favorite cannibals are back to continue telling their stories. Season Two of Yellowjackets premiered on Sunday, March 24 to a hungry audience. If you’re wondering how to tune into the series, look no further. Below, we’ve curated an episode guide—along with instructions on how to watch Yellowjackets.

Where Can I Watch Yellowjackets Season Two?

Yellowjackets is available to stream and watch on cable. If you prefer to stream the series, Showtime will drop new episodes every Friday morning at 3 a.m. ET on its app. If you’d rather watch on cable, new episodes will premiere live every Sunday. Confusing, we know—but the choice is yours.

How Many Episodes are in Yellowjackets Season Two?

According to IMDb, this season will include at least nine episodes. Here’s when each episode will hit Showtime:

Episode 1: “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” (March 24)

Episode 2: “Edible Complex” (April 2)

Episode 3: “Digestif” (April 9)

Episode 4: “Old Wounds” (April 16)

Episode 5: “Two Truths and a Lie” (April 23)

Episode 6: “Qui” (April 30)

Episode 7: “Burial” (May 7)

Episode 8: “It Chooses” (May 14)

Episode 9: “Storytelling” (May 21)

Watch Yellowjackets on Showtime

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