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Steven Spielberg’s latest film, The Fabelmans, just might clean up at this Sunday’s Academy Awards. With a staggering seven Oscar nominations, the drama is up for “Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Score, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Production Design. Spielberg has won three Academy Awards throughout his career, but this is his first time receiving a nomination for a screenplay—and for a film based on his own life, nonetheless. Who needs the terrors of Jurassic Park, when you have some good old-fashioned family drama?

In an interview with Deadline, the director celebrated the triumphant feat. “I just recently turned 76, where they say, ‘What’s left to accomplish? I suddenly get nominated for the first time in my career by the Academy as a co-author of Best Screenplay—it made me feel like all those English and creative writing classes paid off!”

If you haven’t seen the film already, let me let you in on a little secret: The Fabelmans is very, very good. The touching drama follows a young boy named Sammy Fableman, who falls in love with filmmaking after his parents take him to see The Greatest Show on Earth. Later on, Sammy gets his hands on a camera and begins making his own home videos, unexpectedly turning his family life into a breathtaking, multigenerational story. Throughout the experience, Sammy learns that his parents are complex beings—while they come to understand that their son as more than just a little kid.

Speilberg’s story is rounded out by a star-studded cast, including Michelle Williams, Gabrielle LaBelle, Paul Dano, Julia Butters, David Lynch, and Judd Hirsch. Together, they wove a spellbinding tale about life, all its twists and turns, and what it means to pursue a career in the arts. If you haven’t seen it already, The Fabelmans is available to stream online. You can find the film on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Apple TV. Just don’t forget to grab a box of tissues before you press play.

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