Who Is Lux Pascal, Pedro Pascal’s Sister?

Pedro Pascal has made a career in television by playing a grizzled, experienced hunter who protects his cubs—be it a little green alien in The Mandalorian, or a wise-cracking teenager in The Last of Us. But family is as important to Pascal as it is to his characters. In Esquire’s new cover story featuring Pascal—where he touched on both of his TV blockbusters, of course— the actor spoke about his family and the love he has for his siblings.

The Pascals originally arrived in the U.S. after fleeing Chile in 1976—when he was just nine months old. He has an older sister, Javiera; a younger brother, Nicolás; and a younger sister, Lux, who is seventeen years younger than him. Lux and Nicolás both returned to Chile when she was just a baby, but Pascal tries to see them as often as he can between filming. Lux reminds him of his mother, saying, “She ruled the household right away.”

Pascal’s interview with Esquire also occurred during a particularly grim week for the trans community, a population that includes Lux. The Florida State Senate joined 12 other states in approving a proposed ban on gender affirming care for minors, while the government’s Education Department unveiled a proposed change to their Title IX sports eligibility rule that would allow competitive high schools and colleges to limit transgender participation.

“I wouldn’t want to speak on her behalf,” Pascal said of Lux, “but she is and has always been one of the most powerful people and personalities I’ve ever known. My protective side is lethal, but I need her more than she needs me.”

If The Last of Us’s season finale is any indication, I wholeheartedly believe him.

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